February 2, 2021

What Is The Risk of A Patient Who Has Decided On Plastic Surgery

Once upon a time, girls came to plastic surgeons with glossy magazines. Angelina Jolie was considered an invariable standard and object of admiration. They wanted the same nose, cheekbones, eye shape and, apparently, a similar life with the conventional Brad Pitt. Now – from Instagram of some celebrities, bloggers. If we talk about the body, you will not believe it: now at every congress on plastic surgery (mainly international – in America, Europe) the name of Kim Kardashian is pronounced by such professors, from whom it is even strange to hear such “pop” names. It has already become a dogma – Instagram is affecting the world of plastic surgery, and it’s stupid not to admit it.

However, one should not think that all plastic surgeons make new Kardashians out of their patients and blindly follow the lead of the patients. They talk, explain – where is the real image, and where there is no living space from Photoshop, retouching and filters.

Angelina Jolie ‘s cheekbones come first. Monica Bellucci – they want a nose from her. Oddly enough, sometimes Bella Hadid is shown, she likes her nose, although her nose is completely crooked. – Yes, they show various actresses, actors, including Kim Kardashian, but in general there is a trend towards naturalness. Nobody wants fanciful forms and conspicuous contours of the body or face anymore. There are, of course, requests for too large sizes and unnaturalness, but in general they ask for moderate sizes and natural shapes.

So what do women want? The first line of the rating is mammoplasty (changing the shape and / or size of the breast).

Beautiful shape comes first, size comes second. And most importantly – an inconspicuous scar. If in Europe, frankly speaking, they don’t care about the quality of the scar and where it will be located, then in Russia the patients are very demanding .

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), neck and chin lift, endoscopic forehead lift, eyelid reshaping (blepharoplasty), and overall figure correction are often performed.

Many girls are exhausted by diets and do not understand how to lose weight correctly and maintain the achieved result. They are trying to solve the problem only with the hands of plastic surgeons with explicit signs of obesity. These are not our patients, because such a result is very difficult to maintain, even if we achieve success in the operating room. This requires discipline from the patient. We’ll remove it here, add it there and you don’t need to do anything, you can continue to eat as you ate and everything will be saved. Miracles do not happen, it is no coincidence that plastic surgery is called an elite field of surgery. It’s like an expensive car. Every 10,000 km, be so kind as to pass MOT. You need to take care of your new body, and it is not always cheap . “

By the way, not as often as women, but men also come to plastic surgeons. The percentage of such clients is small – about 5. They often correct the shape of the nose, do rejuvenating operations – on the eyelids, facelifts.