February 3, 2021

Why Do Women Undergo Plastic Surgeries, If Ideas About Beauty Are Constantly Changing And Now A Variety Of Types Are Appreciated?

First, not only women. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimated that 55,000 nose reshaping surgeries were performed in men in 2016 (it is worth noting that this figure has grown by 3% since 2015). The second most popular among men is the correction of the shape of the eyelids. And from the minimally invasive procedures (involving minimal intervention), men most often chose Botox injections and laser hair removal. Celebrities, from Enrique Iglesias to Simon Cole, regularly talk about plastic surgeries .

Plastic Surgery Helps

Secondly, plastic surgery helps to get rid of complexes and increased public attention (unfortunately, insults tied to appearance still poison the lives of many). If you make a conscious decision, carefully weigh the pros and cons, it turns out that such an operation can make life better – at least feel more confident.

Are The Plastic Results Always So Unnatural? It Can Be Seen When “Not His Own”!

Not always. Reflection in the mirror after surgery depends not only on the skill of the surgeon, but also on the patient himself. It can be difficult for the latter to see themselves from the outside and stop in time (which, by the way, can already speak of dysmorphophobia). In this case, the best is often the enemy of the good, hence the effect of unnaturalness.


Modern Aesthetic Techniques

At the same time, modern aesthetic techniques allow you to change the appearance so that the result of the operation looks like “from nature” (minimally invasive techniques also help here). In addition, many doctors specialize in specific procedures (or two related areas) – be it liposuction, rhinoplasty, or blepharoplasty.


Blepharoplasty is popular in South Korea, so local surgeries have gotten pretty good at such operations. Many clinics in Seoul adhere to the principle of “divide and conquer”: they have separate departments for different types of aesthetic surgery. To understand which specialist to go to for help, doctors’ profiles also indicate their specialization and professional interests.

Why Are Plastic Surgeries So Expensive And Can You Somehow Save Money?

The price depends on the type of operation and on the conditions of the clinic, but in general, classical plastic surgery (not minimally invasive techniques) is expensive. The total cost may include the price of implants (if any), payment for the surgeon’s work, anesthesia, etc. Sometimes anesthesia is paid separately (as in Canada ), which means that this is another one or two thousand dollars in the check. Today the most expensive operation (facelift) will cost 7-12 thousand dollars. Moreover, in each country the cost will be different: in the United States, for example, for a facelift, on average, you can give a little more than seven thousand dollars, and for South Korea this will be the average starting price .